About XY Capital

XY Capital is a proprietary trading firm based in Hong Kong. We are an electronic market maker which is specialized in trading equities, futures and FX globally, relying on our proprietary quantitative models and trading systems.


One day, XY will be trading every financial instrument in the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


We strive to make the financial markets more efficient and liquid with our growing presence in the global markets, leading to lower execution costs for investors.

What are our competitive edges:

  • Led by a management team with years of proven results building teams and delivering strong returns
  • Collaborative work environment where ideas are encouraged and results are rewarded
  • Global coverage of markets and products to create portfolio diversification and generate revenue
  • Able to innovate quickly in response to changing market conditions because of our nimble, multi-national teams that bring unique perspectives

Our Teams See our teams in action!

Technology Team

The trading platform at XY is completely proprietary, requiring a creative and dynamic approach to development and infrastructure to meet changing business needs and market conditions. We are technology-driven in all aspects of our business allowing us to stay competitive in highly quantitative, large-scale trading strategies.

Trading Team

Traders are responsible for controlling our proprietary trading systems and managing risks. We also work with quantitative researchers on fine-tuning our strategies and generating new trade ideas.

Operations Team

Our diverse Operations team services core company functions including financial reporting and analysis, adhering to compliance and regulatory matters, and implementing risk management controls.